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Top 5 reasons why Schools & Universities should have Equipment Management Software

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Feb 18, 2022

Schools & Universities like any other organisation with valuable equipment need to know what equipment they have and where. This is often made more difficult due to all the different staff and students managing and using equipment across the various buildings and departments. Here are a few benefits of using our asset management software:

Save Costs

Just a reminder: Lost or damaged equipment counts towards your school’s expenses.

Replacing obsolete equipment already costs a fortune. Imagine also having to pay for repairs and replacements when assets get broken or go missing because you don’t have a system to keep track of them. That is why a solid equipment management system is great - it helps you discourage vandalism and theft & maintain a piece of equipment in time so it lasts longer.

Make data easily accessible

Accessibility is a big thing in the age of cloud computing.

Unfortunately, it doesn’t come with outdated spreadsheets and forms. There are just too many users, stakeholders and other moving parts to manage them all within a spreadsheet. You either have to grant access to all employees, which risks leaking sensitive information, or not granting access to the majority of them, which prevents real-time access to inventory data.

What is it like with equipment management software? All users can access the information they need, when they need it. Students can search for the equipment they need and reserve it, while you can set different users to ensure only certain people can see sensitive information.

Make your annual inventory audit easier

Annual asset audit is a pain.

Equipment managers are expected to make a completely accurate & up to date list of all the assets while a school’s inventory keeps changing.

Say goodbye to long hours scrolling through spreadsheets & all the email chains to ask who’s holding a piece of equipment with equipment management software such as Found & Seek. No need to challenge yourself when there’s a product out there to help you make your job easier!

Minimise the risk of human error

At the end of the day, we all have to admit that people make mistakes more often than computers. (That’s why everybody is talking about digital transformation…).

Manual data input at schools and universities where a lot of the work is done by various student employees is the last thing equipment managers would want to do. Mistakes will occur when they manually type in data such as barcode numbers, technical specs, asset location, and return dates (not to mention it’s time-consuming). Different workers can even type in different names for a gear, and we all know that data does not get updated for ages because it’s either too time-consuming to do so or the data points are not reliable.

Schools that want reliable and up-to-date data on their equipment should consider equipment management software sooner than later. Then, all the information on asset condition, location and usage history will be at your fingertips.

Streamline the checkout process

Just imagine the amount of work you have to do when students & faculty members borrow assets - checking if a gear is available, manually typing in the names & contact information, arranging the return dates, checking every now and then to see if a gear has been returned in time, and the list goes on.

With equipment management software, any allowed member can book online, and you know at a glance if a piece of equipment is available, and the return date is automatically added to the calendar. It’s just way too effortless.

Get More Value Out Of Your Equipment

Found & Seek provides easy to use, mobile-enabled equipment management software to help organizations manage, share, and recycle their equipment. 

Save resources & Make an Impact with Found & Seek.