Transforming Business Sustainability

Found and Seek is a venture backed technology company that provides a platform for businesses to save time and money through better utilization and sourcing of their capital equipment. This helps them act more sustainably AND reduce landfill waste.

Our Mission

To help organizations easily manage, share, and repurpose their equipment through our seamless cloud based, mobile enabled platform that not only helps optimize resources BUT ALSO delivers measurable impact worldwide.

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What We're All About

The 3 core values that drive us to grow a business together as a team. At Found & Seek, our values influence the decisions we make.

Do Good. Do Better.

For us sustainability and growth go hand in hand. Being purpose driven is in Found & Seek's DNA, but just doing good or even worse - green washing isn’t enough. We strive with passion and continuous improvements to make a meaningful and measurable impact.


Found & Seek aims to make sustainability and digital transformation accessible and simple. Our services leverage on making equipment and data transparent and easily accessible while still being secure. We make sustainability easily adoptable, cost saving and efficient.


We leverage sustainability to transform your work processes, freeing up your time to do things that matter to you. Our expertise in digital transformation ensures that we are never stagnant and continuously transforming, leading and innovating in this digital age.

Meet the amazing SQUAD!

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Michele Eidam

Co-Founder / CEO
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Thibaut Meurgue - Guyard

Co-Founder / CPO
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Yogendra Kulkarni

Tech Lead
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Nikkolai Fernandez

Fullstack Developer
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Jolijne Schuyler

UI/UX Designer
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Rochelle Ann B. Cananua

Talent Manager
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Shamir Kishinchand

Sustainability Analyst
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Maria Pilar van Tienhoven Amil

Finance Intern

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